In response to many requests, we are pleased to announce our long overdue return to Sicily for an eight-night exploration of the island’s fabled antiquities and a requisite combination of musical performances and Ancient Greek theatre. During the ideal spring weather of May, our dates will coincide with a performance of Richard Strauss’s shattering Salome at Catania’s Teatro Bellini and Jules Massenet’s lyric French opera Werther at Palermo’s imposing Teatro Massimo. In the remarkably preserved Greek Theatre of Siracusa, we will have the unusual experience of attending an Ancient Greek drama by Aeschylus – Seven Against Thebes – to enhance our appreciation of the classical culture we will be encountering. We will also enjoy Palermo’s celebrated Opera dei Pupi, introducing us to the world-famous popular Sicilian tradition of marionette theatre.

Every traveler knows that the best-preserved Greek ruins are in Sicily rather than Greece. Our excursions will take us to the spectacular setting of Taormina to discover the classical antiquities of the Greco-Roman civilization that flourished here centuries before Christ. We will also visit the incomparable Temple Valley in Agrigento, which features no less than three major temples from the 6th and 5th centuries B.C.

Sicily boasts unusually savory Italian cuisine ranging from original pizza recipes to the fresh seafood dishes of Mediterranean villages. The fabled beauty of the island culminates in the unforgettable sight of Mt. Etna’s snow-peaked cone viewed from the stone tiers of Taormina’s Greek Theatre. Instead of a brief stop-over in Palermo on a rushed tour of several Italian capitals, we invite you to join us for this week-longimmersion in the wonders of Sicilian culture.


Prices Per Person (Air Fare not Included)

Double Occupancy: $5,380
Single Occupancy: $6,160